Policy Initiatives

Over the years, I have been a member of various committees that have drafted policy documents in the areas of education policy, gender equality and justice in educational institutions, as well as a proposal to conduct a new linguistic survey of India. The reports of these committees can be downloaded here.

2022: Kerala Higher Education Reforms Commission report (Commission, if which I was a member, appointed by the Govt. of Kerala).

2013: SAKSHAM: Measures for ensuring the safety of women and programmes for gender sensitisation on campuses (Committee appointed by the University Grants Commission, into which I was co-opted as a member.)

2008: A Proposal for a New Linguistic Survey of India: (Draft created by the Central Institute of Indian Languages in the leadership of Udaya Narayan Singh. I was a member of the Expert Committee.)

Select Public Interventions


  • Why Iranian Women Are Protesting the Hijab and Some Indian Muslim Women are Asserting Right to Wear It, American Kahani, September 28, 2022.
  • Feminist reflections on the brave women of Iran, Kafila, 22 September 2022.
  • Why remember Partition? And what to remember?, Kafila, 25 Aug 2022. , ,
  • Women Talk Peace, Majha House, 2 Oct 2021 🎥
  • Towards Inequality, Postcolonial Studies, 22 Feb 2021
  • NEP 2020: Moving Higher Education Towards Inequality, IAWS Northern Region Conference, 12 Dec 2020. 🎥
  • The GSCASH movement: A fragment (1997-98), JNU Stories, Jul 2020.
  • JNU’s eight and their fight for justice, Indian Express, 20 Mar 2018.
  • Strategies adopted to prevent sexual harassment at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. High Level Consultative Dialogue on Preventing Ragging and Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Universities, University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka, 21 Apr 2016.
  • Combating sexual harassment in higher education. The Association of Commonwealth Universities Bulletin, No. 186, Nov 2015.
  • How UGC’s surveillance rules push women back into the dark ages, DailyO, 20 Sep 2015.
  • If you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em, Feminists India, 6 Apr 2014.
  • Needed: A Tehelkaa in Tehelka, Economics & Political Weekly, 30 Nov 2013.
  • Justice Verma Committee Report on Amendments to Criminal Law, Newsclick, 21 Feb 2013.
  • Safety at work in the context of the SH Act 2013: The experience of Jawaharlal Nehru University. Workshop on Pursuing Change: The new laws in relation to sexual offenses, PLD India, Aug 16, 2013.
  • The JNU Gender Relations Survey, October 2013.
  • Sexual Harassment in the workplace: the Verma Committee and after, Economic & Political Weekly, 9 Feb 2013.
  • Payback in patriarchal coin, 8 Feb 2013.
  • Why capital punishment is not the answer, India Today, 1 Feb 2013.
  • Universities have fed India’s Tahrir moment, The Globe & Mail, 8 Jan 2013.
  • What these young students want, 25 Dec 2012.
  • Details more harassing than the definition, The Hindu, 23 Sep 2012.


  • Exclusion arithmetics in higher education—JNU as the NEP 2020 Pilot, Kafila, 12 Feb 2021.
  • Digital (In)justice: The winter semester of JNU teachers’ discontent, 3 Jul 2020.
  • The price of freedom: The NDA-II government’s report card on higher education, A Quantum Leap in the Wrong Direction?, Jan 2019.
  • Does the MCQ format work for social sciences and humanities entrance examinations?, Economic & Political Weekly, 17 Oct 2018.
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  • Clockwork attendance is an assault of JNU spirit, Indian Express, 11 Feb 2018.
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  • Big Brother UGC wants to keep a close watch on students,, 16 Sep 2017.
  • UGC, beware: JNU was explicitly created as a revolt against uniformity,, 22 Apr 2017.
  • Crime and punishment: Why the entire JNU administration now faces a crisis of credibility,, 7 May 2016.
  • Here’s how not to teach a class,, 10 Mar 2016.
  • How campuses can arrest caste discrimination, Daily0, 13 Feb 2016.


  • Why no legal definition of citizenship can cover economic, social, cultural, and other rights,, 5 Mar 2020.
  • NRC-CAB is the RSS’ new Ram Janmabhoomi issue, Indian Cultural Forum, 14 Dec 2019.
  • Fringe benefits keep the core intact, India Today, 12 Feb 2018.
  • Languages or Mother Tongues?, 21 Feb 2016.